Tuesday, September 1, 2009

first day of school!

yesterday i had my FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! it was a really sweet day. started off with my dad making me a hearty breakfast, my mom packing my lunch, and both parents walking me to the bus stop-both parents waving and crying as i got off to start my first day! waaaaait...that was 20 years ago (omg 20 years...IM SO OLD!). yesterday was sliiiiightly different...woke up, started studying frantically for day 1 of chem (YES homework for the FIRST DAY..what the??) seeing as i didnt get my act together before yesterday...studied til the very last minute, threw on some clothes (fine, i picked out a cute outfit...gotta make a good impression on the first day!), grabbed a latte, and rushed to campus. when i got to campus i felt...SO OLD! i know i know, ive only been out of school for TWO years...but it feels like im starting over as a freshman!! i went to a relatively small school and now im on a BIG campus with a million people and its TOTALLY different! clearly with my questionable sense of direction, i used to get lost on my own mini campus...so this was a definite challenge. luckily i found the right parking lot (after i couldnt find it the first time around for orientation so i parked at an expired meter bc clearly i didnt have any change...yeahhh...awkward..) AND i found my classroom pretty quickly! i have to say, it was pretty fun being back in the classroom! my prof (thats what the cool kids say) was a total weirdo and really funny...in a dry, science-guy way! haha! oh right--in case you dont know--the school i am doing is a post-baccalaureate program to get my pre-med requirements, which means i am taking bio and chem plus labs for both...eulp, i know. anyway, there were ppl of all ages there (so i wasnt like a total grandma or anything) and the lecture was actually really interesting!! a successful first day!

PS just found out that i have to buy some materials for next weeks lab--among the many items on the list, the two of the more embarrassing ones are: a white lab coat and protective GOGGLES! haha imagine ME in goggles and lab coat...hmm..wonder if they make the coats in pink?? hahah soo awkward...ill try to get a picture! xoxo


  1. Did you get a new medical trapper keeper? I need a picture of you in the lab coat and googles!

  2. havent worn the lab coat and goggles yet...that embarrassing moment will happen next week! ill work on getting a pic :)