Tuesday, June 30, 2009

new job/hobby

i am going to become the self-appointed "no smoking" rule enforcer!! jealous?! we got an email from work today that outlines the SMOKE FREE CAMPUS rules and at the end there was a little note included that, i think, calls my name! let me know what you think! the note read as follows:

Security will be monitoring smoking on our property. If you see anyone smoking on our property, there are cards available at both welcome desks that you can hand to someone smoking to remind them of our policy.

DOESNT THIS SCREAM ME?!?! hahah imagine! i walk up to some random person smoking...eh-hem...excuse me...then i show them my fake badge that i will buy at the party store and then hand them the card wordlessly and walk away. for some reason, ill probably be wearing sunglasses and a hat and also be holding a night stick of some sort. i will be both loved and feared. gosh, i think i found my calling......

haha weirdest idea administration has had yet......

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