Sunday, September 20, 2009

**amazing item alert**

theyreeeee baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack....HONEYCRISP APPLES!!!!!!! if you dont know what these need to get in a car or on a bike or in your running shoes or on a bus or on a metro or on a horse...whoa, sorry, got a little carried away...some form of transportation and get yourself to a grocery store and gear up for the most amazing apple of your life!! if you already know what these are...then you understand why im so excited its the honeycrisp season!!! just had my first one and it was SO AMAZINGGGGG!!!! OMG...i just google-imaged a honeycrisp apple for your viewing pleasure...and i found out that its MINNESOTAS official state fruit!! i like it even more!!! ok, go and get one...what are you waiting for??

ps if you think i am a freak after reading this post, go try a honeycrisp and everything will become clear.


1 comment:

  1. MN is famous for this apple and year after year it does not disappoint. Simply the best apple ever!