Monday, September 7, 2009

new york newww yooooork

rats, piles of garbage in the streets, a dirty dirty subway that i just cant seem to navigate....ohh new york! while those things are totally true...i actually found that i DO like nyc. i mean, i always knew that it was fun to visit and all, but honestly, nyc scares me dude! yes ive lived in madrid, dc, and traveled all over the place...but for whatever reason, this city INTIMIDATES me!! but i went to nyc this weekend to visit my sister and as i was walking back from laying out in central park through adorable streets filled with little boutiques and cute cafes, for the first time, i thought...hmm.. maybe i actually could live here! it actually reminded me a little of europe...with the sidewalk cafes, all the ppl out and about just living and enjoying life (something i dont think we do enough of in the good ol' usa...spain has the market corned on enjoying life, in my opinion! but thats a whole other story...), and walking all over the place--from restaurants, to central park, to little cute grocery was surprisingly really cute (and not so intimidating)! AND i rode the SUBWAY for the first time...ALL BY MYSELF! proud?? haha I KNOW! i did have some crazy encounters on the subway and did see a big nasty rat...but what can i say, new york city is actually growing on me!! if my sisters here AND my best friend is planning on living here one day plus it has good shopping, good food, and broadway...could i one day call the city home?? hmm, we'll see....


  1. You do sound all Carrie Bradshaw in this posting...

  2. If the funeral procession Brooklyn ghetto tour didn't sell you on the city, then I just really don't know what will...

    And since we both know in a year and a half I will end up being the one that has to move you into a new apartment, you could at least have the decency to move into MY apartment :o)

  3. hahah awwww LOVE YOU!!!! fiine...ill think about it ;)