Tuesday, September 22, 2009

i dont get it

as i have recently become a driver in a place where i have lived for like 6 years yet through those years i have been metro bound or on foot...both of which i actually miss and were more simpler times (well, most of the time...grocery shopping was weird...) anywayy, its a different world for me now that im a driver! i am trying to learn how things work here, but clearly i am having some issues. first and foremost, finding my way around...if you know me, you know that i have little to no sense of direction! i still get lost in my hometown for goodness sake...so finding my way around here is no easy task. even now that i have a gps...i STILL get lost! what?? sometimes that little british lady inside there just isnt clear!! haha times havent changed much...different location, same serious issues! hah! anyway, the other thing thats different here are the red light cameras...we dont have those where im from, so we like to speed up and rush through the yellow/red lights...well, nooooooot here...not with those pesky little cameras all over the place! i also learned what the HOV lane is today...was riding in that baby for about 15 minutes and when i finally realized i shouldnt be there, i like could not figure out how to exit for some reason! haha suuuchh issues, i swear!! but lately there is something else thats been on my mind and i just really dont get it: the speed radars. now, i am a citizen of the law and i mind the rules (well, within reason...i have been known to speed a little in my day and do forget to turn my lights on at times...yeahhh...), so when i see the sign "speed limit X, radar enforced" i get SCARED and i feel like, omg big brother is watching and i need to follow the rules! so naturally i slow down...but the problem is...no one else does! seriously there is one zone that i keep going through that is 35mph radar enforced...yet literally everyone is going at least 50mph. im like..wait..what the?? are you all not reading the sign?? RADAR ENFORCED, PEOPLE!! THEY'RE WATCHING US!! so i get all panicky and try to slow down, but then everyones whipping past me and giving me dirty looks for driving like a grandma, so then i speed up...but then the panic starts up again bc i think the radars are going to catch me so i slow back down!! ahh its a vicious cycle! so i guess basically what i dont get is, when they say that the speed is "radar enforced", yet everyone is speeding...what do they do?? are they giving all of us tickets or what?? is it written just to scare us?? i seriously dont get it. if anyone can shed some light on this, it would be much appreciated! otherwise...i will continue the panic-slow-speed-panic-slow cycle that i am currently working and hope for the best! wish me luck!!

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  1. Never learned to think in the North-South-East-West way, did you. I failed you!!!
    But I hope you and EVERYONE follows the "Slower Traffic Keep Right" rule. It is everyone's right to speed in the left lane - move over!