Thursday, September 17, 2009


AHH OMG SORRY! i just realized that i havent blogged in TEN DAYS. thats just totally inappropriate!! my life is absolutely INSANE right now but im slowly getting myself together...and after some intense studying this weekend hopefully the weekly, fine daily, ok you caught me, hourly...panic attacks will cease ;) i got a little confused about my life and thought that i could have a social life AND do school and wrong i was! haha so now i am vowing to get myself together, starting this weekend!! other than the constant feelings of anxiety, life has been pretty good. classes are going well...hard, but interesting! oh UPDATE: i wore my lab coat and goggles for the FIRST time yesterday and wooow did i look COOL! ahaha...but one awkward thing (obvi, its me) my goggles steamed up at one point and i didnt know what to do...if you take them off during an experiment, you will get points docked and be asked to leave (so ridiculously strict, right?? and the lab instructor is sooo funny...she is from russia and sort of sounds like miss piggy meets julia child and is super rule lady and not kidding around, so i def dont want to test her with removing the goggs at any point!!) anyway, i was blindly trying to read my measurements through the fog....hahah so awkward...and i didnt want to say anything to anyone because a) i dont really know anyone yet so really who would i say something to?? and b) bc the guy next to me had a paper towel sticking out of his goggles and when i asked him why he told me it was because he was sweating...and i laughed at him...soo then i couldnt admit to being all steamy, right?? anyway, i made it through the rest of the lab gonna need to get my goggle-wearing technique straightened out so that doesnt happen again! haha! ok, thats about it for now...more later!! xoxo

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  1. Where is the picture of you decked out in lab coat and goggles???