Friday, September 4, 2009

some things i dont like

haha what a positive post! woops! oh well..there are some things that i dont like and its my blog, so i get to share them!

1. when ppl sign an email with "regards" doesnt sound professional, it just sounds harsh. dont do it ppl!

2. the word "comfy"...fine if youre 5 or if youre talking to a 5 year old, say it. if youre not--dont (especially if you are a guy...never ok)

3. when you say to someone, "i have a question" and they respond with "i have an answer", ew, annoying.

4. the over usage of the word "myself". i think sometimes ppl try to sound smarter by saying myself instead of me...but sometimes its actually correct to say "me", ok guys??

5. saying sorry for things we dont need to say sorry for...yep, i do this nonstop and i annoy myself and always wish i could take it back! ie. when i was coming out of the elevator today, two men came barging in and I said, oh, sorry! then they go, its ok and kept barging. im like, wait, what?? i take that back! im NOT sorry...YOU barged in instead of letting ME out first...elevator etiquette my friends! haha..whoa, i may have hit a hot button?!

6. going along with #5 is when you hold the door for someone and they dont say thanks or acknowledge you in any way...ellen does a bit on this too...youre welcome, your majesty! hah say thank you or at least make eye contact and nod, come on people!

7. the kid yesterday in my class who yelled BLESS YOU from the back of the room to the girl who sneezed in the front of the, yes its nice to say bless you, but do you really need to interrupt the whole lecture AND draw attention to sneezy mcgee?? i dont think so!

8. people who try to make you pet their dogs in the street. you know, when you are walking by them and they let their dog come up to you and they are all smiley. its like, just because we are both walking on the sidewalk and passing each other, does not mean i need to a. like dogs and b. want to pet yours. i try to just nicely steer clear, but other times when they dont take the hint, i say im allergic...what??

hmm..i think thats about it for today. haha what a happy cheerful friday post!! if you have any weird things you dont like...feel free to share :)

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  1. How about when you are having a sneezing attack, or even only 3 in a row, and people insist on saying Bless You over and over again! I'm good, thanks, you, on the other hand, need some blessings!!!