Friday, September 4, 2009

metro tales

i was back on the metro today...ive been driving recently, so its been a little while. looks like times have not changed and the metro is just as crazy as ever. not only did i have TWO giant bags...which is totally inappropriate for morning rush hour time...but i was also accosted by a crazy man! i was riding along, minding my own business when a crazy man barged onto the metro. i immediately knew he was a crazy man because he was all upset and muttering to himself (it seemed). It turns out, he was actually crazy AND aggressive and i was lucky enough to be standing right next to him :) he kept yelling (not like super loud, but because it was morning and no one else was talking, it was sort of loud) at the guy next to him, who was listening to music and either did not hear him or was ignoring him...but he kept saying, "stop touching me. i keep moving away and you keep moving. stop touching me. stop." all angry and aggressive. i was like, oh great, are we gonna have a problem here?? then, because he was a crazy shouting man, people were sort of staring at him and he got all upset at that. he started yelling at another guy going, "what are you lookin at?? what ARE you lookin at?? you with sugar in your hair" i know, what the?? the other guy just sort of looked away awkwardly and but the crazy man kept going, "why you lookin at me...all these women around and you lookin at me! fool. why arent you lookin at her" it was here that i somehow got involved as he pointed to me when he said it. i just weirdly looked away and pretended i didnt see him pointing at me, but then he started talking to me, "whys he lookin at me, dont you think you betta lookin than me??" i just shrugged and looked at the ground. haha awkward as ever. then he points at me and goes (SO LOUDLY), "you know who you look like?? caroline kennedy! anyone ever told you that before?? you look like CAROLINE KENNEDY! THATS WHO YOU LOOK LIKE! CAROLINE KENNEDY!" i was like, omg, stop! first of all, i look nothing like caroline kennedy, second, EVERYONE was then staring at me AND the crazy man! haha soo awkward!! i just laughed a little and was like, "nope, never heard that one" and goes, "REALLY!? you look just like her...wait..are you her??" haha i was like, wait...crazy man..are you kidding?? but i wasnt sure, so better to be safe than sorry, i decided to put his mind at ease and said, "no, im not". he goes, "good bc caroline kennedy was stalking me. all the kennedys were stalking me" and thaaaaats when it sealed the deal that the crazy man was in fact a crazy also made me want to move further away from him. haha! i did finally get a seat and moved away from him, just in the nick of time too...because thats when he started talking about how things were so much better in Pluto (yes, i think he meant the planet)....

interesting morning! hah HAPPY FRIDAY!! have a great labor day weekend :)



  1. only you coley, only you :)

  2. I am telling you, you changed when you came back from spain, it is the boney face and long hair, very Caroline Kennedy!