Tuesday, March 10, 2009

borrowed story

although this isnt technically my story...it did happen to a friend of mine (who, for her protection, will remain nameless) and i just cant resist :) a couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine came into town for a visit. i was on my way to an appointment and she was going to drop me off and pick me up...what a good friend, i know! anyway, on the way to the appointment we stopped at starbucks (to feed my addiction) and i got my friend a giant latte and an egg and bacon sandwich. the place we were going was kind of far...and at first she was ok...but then the mixture of the eggs and the strong coffee started to...lets just say..get to her. bottom line, she needed to get to a bathroom..stat. we made it to the appt ok and she decided to suck it up and use the bathroom there...but when we walked in, we saw this just wasnt a viable option because the place was like the size of my office (which is tiny to say the least). she quickly considered her options, yelled she'd be back for me, and bolted to her car. she had a friend staying in a nearby hotel who was at work for the day, but had given her an extra key because we were going to be in the area...so she decided...ahhh an empty hotel room, spacious bathroom all to myself...the perfect place!! she got to the hotel as fast as she could, only to realize she had forgotten the room number! she remembered approximately where it was though and was in near-panic mode at this point, so she just decided rather than 1. asking the front desk which room was hers or 2. using the bathroom in the lobby...she would just try the doors all around her to find the right one. she tried one, nope. another, no again. a cold sweat breaks. third try...yes, sweet victory!! she RAN into the room, slammed the door, and ran straight to the bathroom to...do her business...anyyywayyy...then she decided as long as she was there, because my appt might last a little while, why not just take a shower?? as she was getting herself ready to take a shower, she walked out into the room and took a look around. she had been there the previous day and noted some differences...suit case in a different place, a computer on the desk...she thought to herself...hmm...must have switched the suitcase around last night...waait...did my friend have a computer in here before?? as she was in the midst of making excuses why her surroundings started to look more and more unfamiliar...she decided to peak into the bag and try to turn on the computer...when she suddenly realized...wait a minute, this isnt my friends stuff...which means this is...THE WRONG ROOM!!!!! PANIC MODE BACK ON!! MAYDAY MAYDAY...IM IN SOME STRANGERS HOTEL ROOM, I JUST USED THEIR BATHROOM AND AM NOW STANDING HERE DIGGING THROUGH THEIR BAG, OPENING THEIR COMPUTER...HALF NAKED!!!!!!! AHHHHHH! so my friend did what anyone would do...she got dressed, grabbed their computer, and got the heck out of there! hahah IM KIDDING!! she didnt take their computer, but she DID get the heck out of there! she took off running and never looked back......hahah THANKS FOR THE STORY!!! love ya!

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