Wednesday, March 4, 2009

girls on metro

so i was riding the metro today as per usual when three well-dressed mid-twenties girls get on. one has a scowl on her face...which i dont get..if you are in a bad mood, keep it to yourself sister! especially bright and early in the morning, what could have possibly happened at this hour to get you so bent out of shape?? anyway, this is the conversation that followed:

scowl girl: ugh. the metro is SO crowded. its ridiculous. (huffing and puffing and looking personally offended that so many people are on the train)
friend of scowl: oh my gawd, i know. like...why is it so crowded, i wonder?? (looks all around with confused look)
scowl girl: ugh, i have no idea. i hate it when its crowded. (more huffing and eye rolling)
friend of friend: (just kept shaking her head in agreement with a pained look on her face)

i mean...did critical thinking ever come into play here?? lets see...i wooonder why the metro is sooo crowwwded during rush hour on a workday. hmm...gosh, i just dont know...sooo strange!! haha i mean, could this be their first time riding the metro during rush hour?! NOPE because they proceeded to bitterly complain about their jobs the rest of the ride. why then were they so confused by the amount of people, i wonder? guess some people have trouble getting the brain into gear early in the morning!?

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  1. hahahahah i can seriously picture this story and see you staring at them.