Thursday, March 12, 2009

my day

hello hello. well i started my day off with a trip to the gym! i know, hard to believe, right?? but YES i did it...its my new thing and im loving it! anyway, as i was walking to the metro, feeling good, confident, awake...BAM...i was suddenly standing face to face with a crazy woman in a dark tunnel singing some pop song (pink maybe??) in a voice deeper than my dads with like three teeth...yeeeeesh...what a way to horrify me first thing in the morning! well, i recovered from that incident and went to work. then lunchtime came and i started cutting and eating my green pepper...only to notice...on my SECOND piece...a tiny black bug trying to hide discreetly near the top...eulp. SICK. i had already eaten a slice! that little trespasser ruined my lunch! hope i didnt accidentally eat his brother!! eulp. not ok. anyway, i tossed the rest of the pepp and continued on with my day. then i was just running an errand when i ran into upside down teeth man again! he was spotted pushing tables through the hall and he smiled at me, happy as a clam with his one row of giant teeth!

thats it for now...lets see what other horrifying delights this day has to offer!! hope youre havin a good one :) xoxo

OH, i also realized (while reading my book club book "i know this much is true" by wally lamb) that its "up and at 'em"...not "up and atom"...awkward...

*UPDATE* it DID get weirder/worse as the day went on.....a little boy just came into my office. farted. said excuse me. then gave me an evil smile and walked out cracking up.......ew dude.

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  1. now actually you were never really wrong in the first place. on the simpson's, rainier wolfcastle's line for the movie radioactive man was "up and atom!" (nick) also, nice touch on your friend of a friend stealing the comp from the hotel room!