Thursday, March 26, 2009

i feel bad for weird things

sometimes i weirdly feel bad for things that dont need my sympathy. for example: when i was little, my favorite color was purple. i had EVERYTHING purple..literally. you name it, i had it. but then suddenly pink came along and i became obsessed! so naturally, i now feel bad for purple. i just sort of abandoned it! its sad! right?? well today its something new. as i mentioned in previous blogs, i had dental surgery and because of that, i have only been able to eat on one side of my mouth for the past week. and its like, now i feel bad for that side of my mouth. it gets nothing! today i was eating some frozen yogurt...something soft and smooth..something the other side of my mouth might be able to enjoy too. but was SO cold...i seriously almost spit it out when the froyo travelled over there. so you see...its left out again!

yah, i know...i have problems.

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