Wednesday, March 18, 2009

that darn bus driver

welllllllll the bus driver strikes again! as i was getting off the bus yesterday (on my way home) the bus driver who had slipped me his number one time.......gave it to me AGAIN! haha! i was like, good god man, didnt you get the hint the first time???! it was so awkward because i even let out a little laugh. like, again...really?? there are a few things im wondering about our interactions...1. did he forget he gave it to me before and think i was someone new? 2. was he aware of who i was and just giving it to me again? 3. if i dont go out with him, will he continue this indefinitely? 4. if i do go out with him, will we take the bus? 5. if we do take the bus...will he be in uniform? should i get a bus driver uniform too? will he pick me up and drop me off at the bus stop and not my house? hmm...

wow. just an fyi..i did text him when he gave me his number the first time because i thought..well, this is going to be awkward next time i ride the bus! so i texted him and was like, oh hey montie...its me, from the bus...i actually have a boyfriend...but thanks anyway! haha so awkward, i know. but he immediately texted me back and said, ok beautiful, let me know when he stops treatin you right. hahah montie montie montie.

what do i do?!?!


  1. Give Montie a chance...maybe he will let you ride perma-shotgun

  2. i can't believe you actually texted him! a bus driver hitting on a rider can only mean one thing...creep. continue to thank him for giving you rides aka doing his job, but please don't call him.

  3. I think this would be a conflict of interest between the rider-driver relationship. I'm pretty sure if you're paying the driver and you eventually hook-up with montie, then I don't think you're JUST paying for the bus rides anymore...