Friday, March 6, 2009


i just opened a drawer that has napkins in it. we call it the napkin drawer..haha just kidding, we call it the kitchen drawer, just kidding, we dont call it anything...anywaaay...there was a big blob of orange gum in it instead of napkins. it looked sort of like silly putty...but when i picked it up (what..) it was definitely gum. sick. i just touched someones big blob of nasty orange gum. wonder who would put their chewed gum in a drawer? wonder if they were saving it? wonder why i touched it...eulp.


  1. I wonder why i'm still reading this blog after a post like this.. ha jk! its very entertaining anytime of day!!

  2. i forgot, this is nick. i dont have a profile to log into so i posted as anonymous. these are my first postings, i'm not like a weird phantom blogger. but seriously im not.

  3. haha you can post as your name/url and just write nick..or tuck..your call! haha! glad you enjoy, even when i write about big blobs of nasty orange gum :) MISS YOU!