Friday, March 20, 2009

oooooonly YOU!

only you my friend, oooooonly YOU!

my friend who had that little hotel room confusion the other day (see 3-10) had another little problemo today! she sweetly came to visit me this weekend because i am having some dental issues and had to get a little surgery done and she didnt want me to be alone! so cute, right?? yep, im blessed with good friends in every direction :) anyway because of our too-sweet-for-words friendship, i am allowed to say...this situation that we are in would ONLY happen to this particular friend.

a little background...i have lived in my current house for over 8 months. i have had countless visitors in those 8 months..including this friend...and i have never had an issue with my door, door lock, or any other part of my room (ok besides all the bug issues, the bathroom flood that turned into the bedroom flood, and once getting locked out of the house with another friend and having to climb through the kitchen window...but we are not talking about my issues here, ok??!) . anyway, so no previous lock problems to speak fact, i did not even know there was a lock on my door until today. while i was at work, my friend decided she would take a little napski. nice relaxing day off, take a little nap, do a little work...sounds good, right?? well my friend had a little trouble relaxing because she kept hearing "foot steps" and kept getting up to make sure "no one was there". mind is mid-day in the safest neighborhood in the US! so she thought...well just to keep myself extra safe from the boogie monsters..i'll just lock the little door here while i rest my weary head. then after her delightful nap, my friend got up, stretched, and decided to go do some work in the living room. on her way out she nicely closed the door behind her (this is where she SWEARS she unlocked it first..but im gonna have to politely disagree)...locking herself out of my room.

now i wont say that i have a temper..but if you know me, you might understand her fear in telling me this information. haha! i am NOT scary..but i do like things the way i like them and if things stop being the way i like them....well, soooome people dont like to be the one to tell me! haha whatever...i think you are all nuts! BUT she didnt want to tell she tried her darnedest to get it fixed before i found out! she called another roommate to ask about keys (haha yah right, none of us know we have locks on our doors), tried to bust in, tried to pick it with a hairpin...then finally..she was forced to call and break the news to me! the only thing i could say was...i have a door lock??

we are now waiting for a friends friend to come over and try to break in with a credit card...this works?!? weird! or else we are going to have to call our landlords, who im pretty sure also dont know there are locks on the door considering their weirdly limited knowledge of our house! then last resort is calling the lock smith! hahah!!

ill keep ya posted.....have a good weekend :)

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