Wednesday, March 25, 2009


last night i went to see BRITNEY SPEARS thanks to my amazing friend with the concert ticket hook-ups! here is my review:

she. was. awful. i actually felt bad for her. i mean, the show all together was an amazing sight! i wouldnt really say it was a concert so much, as there was no real was more like a spectacular! it was a circus theme...obvi...but with like real circus ppl in it doing all sorts of freaky circus stuff...coming down from the ceiling on ropes, contortionists, stilts, rings, magic name it, they did it. the best part of the whole show was when the dancers were featured without britney...they each did a little solo and they were all really good!! there was also some martial arts mixed in...again not by birtney...and that was also really cool. the songs were was like listening to the cd on the big big speaker...literally! haha! the crowd was NUTS and there were CRAZY ppl everywhere dancing, screaming, going insane for britney! the place was PACKED...from top to bottom full. it was nuts!

now for britney...she looked like she was doing part two of the vmas (where she wore that little bikini and "danced" all drugged up)...yah, thats what she looked like. i was at least hoping for some good dancing if she wasnt going to sing, and we all knew she wasnt! but she was barely even dancing...i think in fact, i did more dancing in my last zumba class than she did all night! the back up dancers would be at a 90 degree angle and britney was at like a 10 degree angle. she would barely bend and mainly walked a weirdly slow walk around the stage the entire show in different bikinis or one-piece swim suits with sparkles and glitter. i thought when she first came out that it was going to be really cool...she was lowered down from the ceiling and it was all dramatic with lights and smoke and music and then she did a slow strut to all parts of the stage and everyone was going nuts...but then its like an hour into it and shes STILL being lowered down and STILL doing her weirdly slow like, dance already britney! it just kept reminding me of that award show. oh, and we could see her bad hair weave from our seats! it was strange...she was either doing the walk OR she was being carried in some way...whether it was on some guys shoulders, on a couch that they were pushing, on a bike (riding on the back, not pedaling obvi), in a cage, or on a seemed like she was being moved rather than moving most of the time. she really did look tired and like she needed a break from the first song to the last. i kept waiting for her to bust out some cool dance moves and sadly it just never happened! britney was tired it seemed or perhaps just a little lazy.

yet somehow the show did not disappoint! all the hit songs were "performed". she brought back some oldies...hit me baby one more time and toxic, which was fun. she also "sang" her one slow dramatic one "notice meeeeee" or whatever! haha the whole thing was such a was hilarious to watch her fans and to finally experience the madness that is a britney spears concert!

PS there WAS a jumbo screen...but there were only weird circus images or other bizarre images on it the entire time...never her face or any part of the show. so the people at the very top couldnt even see her...isnt that rude?!? and the weirdest thing that britney did was in one of the two parts where she actually spoke (when she shouted the obligatory "WAD UP DC"...and they BROUGHT her a new mic..wonder why she couldnt use the one she was singing from..oh yah, because it wasnt on...), she randomly yelled out "MERRY CHRISTMAS". i didnt get this at all. it was totally weird. i think she was confused. then at the very end she said the other obligatory "THANKS SO MUCH DC" and then goes, "grab your partner do-si-do, come on everyone circle up"...which again, was totally random because no one was doing it, they ran in a circle one time and then all ran off stage and she yelled "PEACE". totally weird. im pretty sure shes on some sort of drugs...

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