Friday, February 27, 2009

the man with the upside down teeth

i just met a man with upside down teeth. it looked sort of like he had fake teeth, but he flipped them around, so the top ones were now on the bottom. although, i didnt actually see top maybe there was a deal at the dentist that he just went for the one row. maybe he switches it up and somedays wears them as tops and some days bottoms. im not sure. anyway, i met this man outside of the elevator...where most of my weird run-ins happen throughout the day...and he gave me a big smile with his one row of teeth and told me that hes happy to ride the elevator with me. then he looked me up and down with a goofy little grin and said, its not everyday you meet a smart and beautiful woman. they are hard to come by. haha i wonder what his criteria is for smart women? seeing as he just met me outside the elevator and all i did was press the button and stand there...the criteria must be pretty low. hah eh, whatever...a compliment is a compliment! ill take it...even if it is from the man with upside down teeth...

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