Thursday, April 16, 2009

my new thing

i have a new thing... ok i didnt invent it or anything, my dentist actually told me to do it! i now drink coffee from a straw!! sounds weird, right?? well it is, but im sort of liking it! i am an avid coffee drinker as many of you may much so that some say i have a problem! annywayyy...i told my dentist this at my latest appt and she was like, you better watch out, coffee stains your teeth! then she told me she shares my obsession and introduced me to the straw-in-coffee technique to save your teeth! BRILLIANT, i say! i suggest you all start doing this so you can keep your pearly whites pearly and not gross and yellow! ENJOY!

**warning...and this may be because i drink my coffee really hot and order my lattes extra extra hot...burning not only your tongue but now your entire throat is a guaranteed side effect of this new technique! proceed with caution :)

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