Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the pedicure

i just had a friend in town for the weekend and we had so much fun! we went to a baseball game (where we watched maaaaaybe one play of the entire game), we had a cute little late-night get together (where we watched three dogs have a playdate...if you know me, you know this is not ok), we got the best mojitos and nachos in town (even though we were awkwardly opened the place being the first ones there and then demanded mojitos even when we were denied), and last but certainly not least...we got pedicures! my friend had never had a pedicure before, so we thought it would be a fun relaxing thing to do on a rainy day! once we finally got to the place and were sufficiently soaking wet and cold...the best thought ever was a nice soothing pedicure...which, for me, it was! but for my friend...well..she had a little bit different experience! she failed to mention two things to me: 1. she does not like when people touch her feet and 2. she had some sort of toenail accident in the past where they had to remove the toenail and the new one grew back a tiny bit thicker than the average nail and recently she had another little visitor growing on her nail that she liked to call, her 11th toenail (tmi?! hah). weeeellll i wasnt aware of those details at the time, so i thought our pedicure plan was a great idea! anyway, so we get there and pick our colors, go over to the chairs, and take our seats. as we are putting our feet in, both pedicurists ask us if the water is ok. as soon as my feet touch the water i know that it is not ok. i feel my face turn red and steam blow out of my ears...the water was SOO hot!!! but i looked over at my friend...the pedicure novice...and she seemed i sucked it up and said (with a strained voice from the pain), yep, the waters fiiine! meanwhile i think my skin was melting...anyway, so then they get started. ive got the massage chair going and im chattering away to my friend...who appeared to be having as nice a time as i was. so im cleaned, trimmed, massaged, and polished...and then its time for my i hop off and head to the manicure station leaving my friend behind. as an aside, i did think it was a little strange that we started at the same time but she was so far behind me the entire time..i just thought..she must be getting the royal treatment!! when she is fiiinallly done with her pedicure, she joins me at the mani table to wait for me (she only got a pedi) and i was like...SO!! WHAT DID YOU THINK?!?! FIRST TIME!! WOOP WOOP!! and she looks at me and was...goood...but..the thing is, i forgot i dont really like when people touch my feet. and i was like..hmm..ok..minor detail..ok, well beside'd it go!?! and she goes..well..i also didnt tell you about my 11th toenail. and i go..what the? haha! she then proceeds to tell me the horrors of her pedicure......first: the water was so hot she thinks she may or may not have second degree burns, but didnt say anything because the lady didnt really speak english and because i seemed fine with the water temp, second: the lady started with her toe that had the little toenail impostor (aka 11th tn) and she basically took one look at it and went to town. she went to work cutting and filing and pulling and filing some more...and in the end the 11th tn was no more and my friend was a. close to vomming or passing out? b. in a lot of pain? or c. bleeding?...yep, you guessed it..all of the above! ahh!! HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THIS?!?! she said that she was bleeding like a lot. so much that the lady had to walk away at one point to get some gauze and then was pressing on it and putting some solution on it to try to stop the bleeding......awkward!! wow, for someone who thinks they are pretty good at paying not. haha! so i was no help at all..i just kept chattering away and being all relaxed and goofy while she was like sitting in the torture chair with white knuckles and a bleeding toe! hahah! whoooooops! in the end, it all worked out. my friend is back down to ten toenails..which is definitely a positive and her nails look great! and, of course, MY nails look im happy regardless of the pain endured by my friend!! hahah how awful!!! sorry im a horrible friend!!!!!! and sorry that i told your tale...hahah!!


  1. sick. i feel bad for your friend.


    also, i tagged u in my 8 things. dont you like chain letters or something or is that not you? hmm...