Wednesday, April 29, 2009

metro tales

old man is sitting next to girl in her twenties.

old man: what stop are we at? (not only do they announce it, he just has to look out the window, but ok, im not judging)
girl: smiles. politely says name of stop
old man: how did you decide on that color? (an obnoxious bright blue polish on her toenails that i, of course, had already noticed)
girl: chuckles. i thought it was funny. chuckles more.

she thought it was funny?? thats seriously why she picked her toenail color?!

too weird.


  1. i hope you dont have anything against bright blue polish, as that is what i was wearing on my nails all week...hmmm...

    i have a love hate relationship with ron. he seems like a really good dad. but yeah, it's kinda lame that he is in the competition because he for sure can't win. isn't that like against the whole point? i want tara or mike to win. tara because she kicks butt and is the best i think, and mike because he is so sweet and it would be cute if he won as the youngest player ever!

    make some pizza dough! it's easy peasy. i swear. and then you can have it whenever you want and dont have to remember to pick up the dough. sneaky, huh?? i hope the burgers were still good!!!! i mean, they dont TASTE like hamburgers if that's what you mean...

    loves you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I totes pick colors for that sole reason too sometimes. No judging. Miss you

  3. hahah aww!! well i love the two of whatever you do, ill be fine with!! even if you a. wear bright blue polish or b. pick colors to be funny! haha! xoxoxo