Friday, April 10, 2009

the infectious laugh

have you ever been in a situation where you are by yourself and you hear someone else laughing and for some reason or just want to join in?? no? well..i that weird?? i was on the metro yesterday after work, reading my book, minding my own business...when i hear this deep chuckle from across the metro. it was the funniest sounding chuckle. it sounded fake at first. finally i had to look back to see who it was coming from..i couldnt even concentrate on my book! it was this guy sitting with his family just laughing his head off while his family looked on in horror. then they looked away, pretending not to know him. one of his kids even goes..its not funny dad (all teenagery and annoyed). and he just kept chuckling eh eh eh eh ehhh...deep and consistent..literally sounded fake. so i just smiled and tried to go back to my reading. but i couldnt! i kept wanting to look at him and realized that i was like really smiling at this point...then for some reason, I had the urge to laugh too! it was the weirdest thing..but this insane laughing went on for a good five minutes and by the end...a lot of people were looking, but i appeared to be the only one laughing along with him! haha! chuckles had an infectious weird sounding laugh and i just couldnt resist the urge! the lady next to me probably thought i was a total psycho! haha...whatever, that little chuckler made my day! HAPPY FRIDAY! xoxox

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