Friday, April 10, 2009

im baaaaaaaack

IM BACK from Argentina! It was the best trip ever! Love Buenos Aires, loved speaking spanish, and of course seeing my best friend! Sorry I have been MIA...but there was no time to blog there and ive been crazy since coming back. is one quick story for ya:

so i am getting on the plane to go back to the US and we are all geared up, captains put on the fasten seat belt sign, the flight attendants are supposed to "prepare for take off", when all of a sudden i hear screaming like in this high pitched grandma voice...SIIIIIIIR SIIIIIIIIIIR WHERES YOUR SEAT?!?! SIR, YOUR SEAT! WHERE IS IT??? SIIIIIR (literally the highest pitched sound you have ever heard, voice of panic and confusion, coming from a grandma flight attendant straight from a saturday night live skit). then i hear a mans voice (in spanish) all business...sit down sir. you must find your seat sir. sit down. then he lunges forward and SHOVES the guy down the aisle. not a helpful guide, not a little pat...he straight pushed him down the aisle. then the guy finally comes into view...almost falling down the aisle after being pushed so hard (the plane is starting to take off at this point) and he is clutching a pile of clothes that he apparently was changing out of while in the bathroom and he looked SO CONFUSED and SO SCARED...he was like hobbling down the aisle looking for his seat and ducking like he was under attack with a look of utter confusion while the two flight attendants just keep yelling. he fiiiiiiiinally found his seat all the way in the FRONT of the plane and then all was well. it was seriously the weirdest and funniest take off experience ive ever had! nothing like a little excitement to start a flight! haha!


  1. good god, you never told me that story!!! soooo funny--- i can totally picture you doing that impression... and why the hell didn't he stay in the bathroom until later, then slip out to his seat like nothing happened??? what a moron...