Thursday, April 16, 2009

tales of the metro

ok, so i know i talk about the metro a lot in my blog...but the thing is, i spend a large amount of my time on the metro, so a lot happens to me, ok?? today the escalator was broken so we had to walk down the giant escalator...and luckily for me, someone on my escalator was lugging a big it was clogged with about 30 angry metro riders cursing out the slow person with the huge luggage who kept stopping every few steps and making us all late. i felt kinda bad for him and wanted to point out that there is in fact an elevator for those lugging luggage..but thought better of it when i saw his angry sweaty face...anywayyy...then i was rushing trying to catch the train that, of course, pulled out of the platform as i arrived. as the platform filled up with people the next train approached. everyone crowds next to the doors trying to be the first ones on to find a seat or a good place to stand. anyway, i was waiting patiently and politely for people to get out before i ran on, but it was like a clown car let out...tons and tons of people just kept flooding out! i was waiting by the door with two other guys and all of a sudden we hear the beep and the door starts closing. one of the guys dives through and the doors close on half his body until he wedges himself through at the last second leaving me and the other guy in the dust! i was like, wait, what?!? what just happened?? i waited for the train, for people to get out, then missed the train! its not like there were 100 people trying to get on at that was three of us for goodness sake! it was so weird. so i looked around, that train must have been packed and many people must have not made it on. nooope. literally it was me and this curly haired old guy just standing all by ourselves on the platform. no one else. i think i even saw a tumbleweed roll by. we just kind of looked at each other, slightly embarrassed at what just happened and silently went back to waiting...

i mean, it was only about three minutes until another train came by...but seriously, theres no excuse for us missing that first train. the weird thing is, why didnt we just go to another door?? guess my critical thinking skills were just not firing that early in the morning. awkward!

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