Friday, April 17, 2009


well last night i was accosted at the grocery store. seriously, the weirdest things ever always happen to me! i was in the cracker aisle minding my own business just looking for the multigrain saltines when all of a sudden this guy comes up to me and says really quietly in broken you speak spanish? i said..yes. then he goes..hablas espanol? i said, si. then he asked how i was, where i was from, then he just casually slipped in there that he just lost his job. thaaaat was the part that got a little awkward. but let me just take a little break here and in the heck did he know that i spoke spanish!?!? do my skills just exude from me?? am i turning into a spanish mama?? or was it that i was wearing my flamenco dress and playing my castanets?? hmm..dont know. anyway, so here we are standing in the cracker aisle. he has his hands in his pockets, sort of slumped over, pained look on his face, and speaking sooo quietly that im straining to hear him. i was like, is he going to cry?? i was like..well, ok. really sorry? haha like i am sorry he lost his job..but like, we are strangers in the grocery store..i dont really know if im the best person for him to discuss his loss with?? so i just said...well, im really sorry. where did you work? he told me he worked at this restaurant around the corner and they just dont want to pay him anymore, so he lost his job. i was like, aw man, well luckily there are lots of restaurants!! so no worries, you can find a new job! he just looks at me and was like, im so down. im so low. im just really feeling sad. i was like..oh man, this is getting more awkward by the second. i just kept being like, well im really sorry...all the while thinking...i mean..what does this guy want from me?? then he told me that he is from honduras and he really wants to go back to his country and i was like..oh, thats a good idea. then hes like, but how!?? i lost my job! i was like...oh god..i dont know dude...i need to buy my crackers and get the heck out of here!! so fiiiinnallly he asks me what he approached me for in the first place...if i could help him out a little. i said, really sorry..but i dont have anything to give you right now. then i said, im really sorry and good luck and you will find a new job!! then he goes..ok. please forgive me. and sort of bows a little. i was just like, no no its i slowly backed away from him and the most awkward grocery store convo ever! i quickly made for the exit leaving the crackers and my new friend from honduras behind! my life is crazy :)

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