Wednesday, April 29, 2009

oh my god!

omg EW. today i woke up at 6am, got dressed, and ran out the door for a little early morning gym sesh. when i got on the bus it looked a little overcast, but i thought..hmm..maybe because its still so early and the sun isnt out yet. surely the sun will burn off those clouds and we will have yet another 90+ degree sunny day! well i got out of the gym about an hour later and to my was raining. sick, right?? yah, it gets i am...dressed in a thin summer dress, bare legs, NO UMBRELLA. yep, pretty much my worst nightmare! but i really had no other choice but to brave it and forge forward (unless i wanted to stay in the gym all day...which to be perfectly honest, i did consider as the first drops touched my hair! ew omg, just had a flashback) yes, I walked IN THE RAIN all morning with NO umbrella! and let me tell you: it. was. awful. you cannot believe how sorry i felt for myself! i even tried to perk myself up with a latte...nooope...caught a glimpse of myself in a window and was like...eulp. i finally got to work all damp and sick looking and now i seriously need to hide out in my office all day! noooot ok. mister sun better get his act together before i have to leave work!! case you are wondering...the pic is EXACTLY what i looked like this morning!! i could be this mans twin :)


  1. I know how you feel, my umbrella is totally busted and the other day it was nice enough out not to have a jacket, but I wasn't anticipating a down pour! I was soaked to the bone, not fun! At least I was on my way home so I could change when I got there.

    Sorry you had a crappy morning!

  2. Didn't you learn to always be prepared with an umbrella after my visit?? now i'm paranoid even though i drive everywhere unlike you...i'm like oh, i see a cloud..better bring an umbrella!