Friday, April 10, 2009

not my day!

today is just NOT my day! i woke up, went to the gym...things were going well...made my way to starbucks (id like to say because its friday and thats the reason, but we all know i have a problem that reaches beyond fridays only...) and i got myself a latte and a totally adorable mini scone! so cute! anyway, so i get on the shuttle bus that i take to work and im on the phone with all my bags, my cute little scone, and my latte...and i suppose something just had to give...i dropped my latte ALL over me and all over the bus! it was so awful! i screamed into the phone GOTTA GO and started frantically cleaning it up before the bus driver noticed and killed me! omg so awful...bad enough i got latte all over me, but even worse that i was stuck with HALF a latte! sad! anyway...just now i went to get a snack because im staaarving and there was NOTHING. so i ended up choosing cereal...rice krispies...ew! again, no choices at all. so i got back to my office with my disappointing snack, began opening the little package when all of a sudden the whole thing pops open and those tiny little krispies fly all over me and my office! how irritating! those fricken krispies...i knew i should have stuck with yogurt!

today is noooooot my day!! goin to the katy perry concert tonight with my bff so things should start looking up...oh god, just jinxed it, didnt i??

1 comment:

  1. things looked up, until... you know what they say: bad things always come in threes and apparently, spills are not excluded...

    ps: lol about the krispies... that would be the worst cereal to go flying all over...