Thursday, April 30, 2009

darn these flies!

i swear to god, the basement where i work (yes, i work in a basement and do not see the light of day..sad, right??) is getting infested with flies. i saw one two days ago, saw the same one yesterday along with his little friend, then today i think ive seen THREE! its like im dodging flies at every turn. when i was walking to the fridge to get my lunch, one flew right into my eye!! appetizing, huh?? siiiiiick...oh, i forgot to mention these are GIANT monster flies, not like little tiny house flies. whats going on here?? is there a garbage heap in my room that i am unaware of? did i not shower off enough at the gym?? i feel like pig-pen from peanuts for goodness sake! everywhere i go theres a trail of flies! my friend told me to gain some control and kill the fly that chose my office...but the thing with these giant flies is, they are just too plumpy. i cant kill it because it might...spray...eulp...gross.

so i have no choice but to cohabitate with the little guy. oh least its not a giant spider or my mouse friend again! happy thursday everyone :)

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