Thursday, May 14, 2009

the bag lady

i was just reading someones blog who was talking about lugging a bunch of stuff around each day and i can toootally relate. i literally feel like a bag lady most days!! i seriously have SO MUCH STUFF with me at all times..its not ok. i carry my gym bag, my purse, and a food bag (with breakfast, lunch, and a piece of fruit for snack)....some days i add in a yoga mat, a coffee, an umbrella, or a book and i literally can barely get my metro card out in time! yep, im the irritating person holding up the line to get into the metro juggling 10 million things trying to find the dang card! haha! sorry people! i seriously need to figure out a way to make things easier so i am not constantly lugging my life around!! any suggestions?!? (oh yah, here is a pic of me on my way to work...that anti-aging cream is really working!!)


  1. i saw this thing at petsmart the other day and i seriously almost bought it but then i realized i would never actually use it... anyways, it is a giant rock climbing clip and one use for it is to put all your bags on it so you only have to hold one thing! and it has this like gripper for the handle. you can also use it to walk multiple dogs at once and since you love dogs so much, i thought you might like it for that use as well.

  2. i gotta get me one of those....:)