Friday, May 1, 2009


i have gotten into yoga this year (in case you are wondering, yes that is a picture of me! i know, impressive, right?? what??) anyway, since starting yoga i have discovered a couple of things: 1. yoga is harder than i expected it to be and 2. i am not at all flexible. i went to class this morning...and i havent been in a little while...and they have us relaxed, stretching, breathing. the teacher is instructing us through different moves and the early ones are pretty easy, but weirdly this is where i have the most trouble. she first tells us to put our legs straight out in front of us (we are sitting on the mat) and then go into a forward bend. i see the rest of the class gracefully bend forward...backs straight, holding onto the bottoms of their feet, totally in half like a pencil...then i look over in the mirror and see my position. hmm...its a tiiiny bit different than the others. instead of being graceful, im clearly struggling and trying not to make a grunting noise. and bending forward...well...that would be an exaggeration. actually i was sitting at like a 90 degree angle and weirdly trying to reach my hands forward. when i do this, my back sort of hunches over...she instructs us to keep those backs i un-hunch and again am sitting straight up. so everyone else is flat...and im weirdly up. the teacher looks over and shes like, ease down slowly...breath...a little further...ease down. im, ugh, hugh...reeeachh...come sure i can at least graze a toe with one of my fingers...and literally not moving a muscle. haha SO embarrassing!! through the rest of the class, i just try my best to keep better with the other poses and stretches...but when it comes to bending flat and reaching your toes...forget about it! nothing like a little shame and embarrassment first thing in the morning! hah oh least im trying, right?!


  1. Hahahaha... "struggling not to make a grunting noise" or struggling not to let out a little toot? TOOT!

  2. hahahah OMG YOU FREAK! hahaha