Wednesday, May 20, 2009

dropping like flies

the saying "dropping like flies" has taken on a new meaning for me. for the past couple weeks we have had tons of flies flying all over our office (so much so that i blogged about it) but now a few weeks later...there are no flies flying but there are flies lying. it seems like everywhere i go in this place, i see dead flies on the ground. im finally understanding the saying they're dropping like flies! but its so weird. its like, im wondering if i should be worried...what the heck is in the air that is making these flies drop dead?! i dont love fact, i dont like them at all..wellll lately thats not entirely true. i do have a soft spot for bees, ants, and worms...what?! bees and ants are really really smart...and ants are like really hard workers! i look at them hard at work all in a line and im so proud of them! and worms...well, if i pass a worm that seems to be stuck in a dry spot on the sidewalk..i cant help but scootch it back to some nice moist soil. the alternative is just too die by drying up!??! horrifying! ok ok, yes, clearly i have issues...buuut you know, whats knew?! haha! anyway, ive found myself feeling sort of bad (and being a little scared about what im breathing in) for these flies that seem to have died mid-flight. poor little guys.

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