Thursday, May 14, 2009

i need to stick to my guns!!

lately i have been criticizing weird behavior and then doing that very same behavior soon i have a problem!??! first i said it was totally weird that people go to the gym at like 6am (some even earlier!). i was like, oh those gym freaks who are there all early blah blah...theeeen before i knew what was happening..i BECAME one of them!! haha! then just the other day i was saying how it was weird to post comments on ppls blogs that you dont know...then today i did it. i read something and just felt like i had to comment! ahah! right after i did the deed i confessed to my friend and was like..i think i may or may not have a problem!! AHH WHATS NEXT?!?!? i need to get a handle on this :)

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