Friday, May 8, 2009

sometimes people or groups weirdly seem to have a problem with me!?

there are some people or groups of people that seem to be irrationally against me. it started while i was in college with the post office. every single package i got or any letter i received was ripped, torn, bent, was awful! one time i remember going to the "package room" with a friend and we looked in and saw the piles of boxes and there was one that was totally destroyed...things popping out, cardboard all mutilated. well i started making fun of the package and laughing until i gave them my name and then to my horror...they went and got the very package that i was mocking. how embarrassing!! the computer gods have also got a problem with me. no matter how careful i am (and if you know me, you know i am very very the point of a problem..with all of my things!) my computers seem to break. brand new computer...viruses, wont turn on. next burned it up and totalled it. after months and months and months of fighting with the computer geeks (literally...geek squad) and their higher powers...i fiiinally got a new computer. have barely used it. go on the internet maybe once or twice a week..JUST downloaded itunes after about 8 months of having it. dont even have word for goodness sake! tried to use it today...wont work. geez! those computer gods have it out for me for sure! as if that wasnt enough...i now have a new enemy!! yeeeeep they hate me. irrationally, of course. totally weird, yes. but they hate me all the same. i ordered my first book with amazon a few months ago and it took over a month to get to me. by the time it came, book club was over. my friends informed me this was totally abnormal and it must have been a fluke. well now we order the books of my friends ordered it last time...and of course, there was a problem with the order! (mind you..she had never had a problem before!). i it me?! nooo couldnt be. well now another friend ordered a book for me and THIS one is not coming either. im telling you, amazon does not like me! for some matter how cautious i am, no matter how much respect i have for the postal service and the computer gods...some people out there are just going to have a problem with me!! weird!

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