Tuesday, May 19, 2009

benjamin button

ok so i think that i might have actually seen the REAL benjamin button...no, im not kidding and no, i didnt like that movie. the reason i didnt like it was because i just couldnt get past the story..like, it was too unbelievable and i couldnt let myself go and get into it. i kept being like, ew dude. anyywayy...now that i had a run-in with THE benjamin button..i might be singing a different tune! i was at starbucks a few days ago (obvi) and while i was sipping my half-caf, nonfat, grande latte i noticed a mom and her son walking. the boy was pretty cute and it wasnt until her turned around that i noticed that he had...a bald spot. like, i kid you not...a total bald spot. perfect circle right in the middle...just like grandpas. i have worked with kids for a long time but i have neeeever seen anything like this! has anyone ever heard of this?? i was seriously in shock! i tried to get a closer look to see if he had wrinkles or thick glasses like in the movie..but no such luck. and it didnt look like hair loss from like a disease or alopecia or anything...because he had a full head of hair everywhere else...it was just a perfect bald spot. so, if no one's ever heard of this...then im thinking...i really did see the real-life benjamin button! i am now a believer and will now stop knocking the movie.


  1. that's kind of weird! poor kid, he is getting dissed across the internet :( i never saw that movie by the way. is it not worth the time or should i watch it?? PS heard aly loves barney butta!!! i need the packets. or i will eat them nonstop so maybe scratch that.

  2. Kate should see the movie it is so worth it, if only to see the beautiful stars in their close ups. Even Dave thought Brad was stunning coming out of the water, said he might coould see people changing sides for Brad.

  3. haha omg! although, i must agree...while the movie was totally weird, i still loved seeing hotty mc hotty brad on the big screen!!