Wednesday, May 20, 2009

couch sleeper

i am a total couch sleeper. if i had to choose between a bed and a couch, it would be a couch any day. my favorite thing to do is fall asleep on the couch and then be woken up or wake up late in the night and scoot to my bed. i dont know why?? it means broken sleep, it means moving after youre comfortable, and most importantly it was really irritating for my family growing up and all the friends ive lived with thus far...always having to wake me up and trying to make me move. i cant explain it, i just like it! haha! so i was on the couch last night watching dancing with the stars...embarrassing, i know. i dont usually watch it, but have caught the last couple episodes...anyway, so i fell asleep as per usual and my phone rang. another little issue i have is talking in my sleep and pretending im not sleepy and totally normal...another irritant for my family and friends! i will clearly be sleeping, then be woken up and start talking crazy talk all the while insisting im fine and fully aware of the situation and actually getting upset when i hear otherwise (and completely denying it the next day, of course). yet i always sound totally insane and am usually talking about nonsense. once i even waved at a balloon thinking it was my friend who left about an hour earlier. when my sister called me out on it i obviously got irrationally mad at her :) so ok, back to last night...i was sleeping on the couch and my phone rang. i reached over (in my sleep) and picked it up but didnt say anything. then i partially woke up to someone saying my name over and over and are you there..are you there?? hello?? by then i sort of came to...looked at the phone i was holding like it was a piece of space junk that just fell into my living room...i could hear my friend talking and knew full well who it was, yet looking down at the phone in my hand i was somehow totally confused. so i did what anyone would do (right?!)...quickly hung up the phone without saying anything at all. no explanation, no nothing! i just hung up on my poor friend! obviously she called me right back and i answer in as cheerful and awake voice as i can manage (although she definitely knew i had been sleeping)!! my friend immediately goes, "hi, sorry are you sleeping?" i go, "no, no, im fiiiine (like ross on fiiiiiiine). whats up??" clearly far too high pitched and still mildly insane sounding. she knew the truth. told me she would call me tomorrow and to go back to sleep....she saw right through me! hahah what can i say...i love the couch sleepin!!


  1. Um, some things never change...Nicole has slept walked trying to get behind a stereo system thinking it was perfectly normal...dug up sand or something in her bed - so normal...and we who have had the pleasure of making her move over the years, well it is just so frustrating, we can hardly get back to sleep becasue we are so mad!

  2. i must say that i think i have had the most experience with this task... and with nicole's irrational anger. either she wakes up, smiles, then goes back to sleep or she wakes up, scowls, then asks me some question i don't know the answer to and gets mad... sometimes i miss it.