Friday, May 8, 2009

shameless singers

as we all know we are not allowed to just walk around singing our hearts out...even if we have THE best song ever in our heads or just some catchy jingle...we have to keep it locked up. right?? right. welllll lately it appears that some people have forgotten this unwritten rule! i was on the metro yesterday and this guy just starts singing OUT LOUD to his not allowed. and he did it like it was totally normal. and the thing is, no one around me seemed to find it odd...or perhaps in this crazy polite society we live in (you know, everyones afraid to cross the impolite line or forget one of those unnecessary thank yous--see 2/27 post...nope, dont know how to put in a link bc i know nothing about computers..if you can teach me, that would be cute!!) anyway, perhaps everyone was just too worried to look horrified, so instead everyone pretended it was totally normal. but it wasnt. clearly! so metro man just kept on rocking out and we all had to just sit there listening to it! then today i was in the bathroom and a lady walks in just singing away. loud and proud singing her jam. ugh! there are TWO ladies down here who are always singing. some people might think, aww..thats so nice! what pleasant people...always singing a little tune! no dude...thats not sweet or nice, thats just irritating! keep it to yourself!! haha i in a bad mood today?!?! it must be this lack of sun...HAPPY FRIDAY PEOPLE!! xoxo


  1. I must tell you that I do break out in song at my work, particularly in the morning when there is a good song on the satellite. I often dance, too. People do seem to like it or are they evil like you and think ill thoughts of me???

  2. hahah no no, im sure they "like" it! dont worry!! hhaha!

  3. whatchya talkin about?!?!?! you missy have broke into song yourself many times, im just sayin'