Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the blog world

people are a little strange sometimes in the blog world..ok, ppl are just strange in general. but it seems that in this electronic age...ppl feel like they are somewhat hidden or protected by their computer screen. because you cant see them, they are allowed to say whatever they want...things they probably wouldnt normally say (especially to a stranger!). thus, the mean blog comment was born. what in the world would possess someone to make a mean comment?? its so weird. its like, no one dont know them...just dont say anything at all. its totally bizarre.

i thought of this most recently when one of my friends who writes a food blog wrote about a new bar (like a nutrition bar) that she tried...and some weirdo that she doesnt know wrote: "The Gnu bar is tasty, but pricey. Guess you got money to burn." hahah like, really??? that is the weirdest comment to make!! there is just no need to say anything at all! hah!

at least this comment was pretty mild, ive seen and heard of other really nasty ones and i just never quite understand it. i guess it all just boils down to the fact that people are really really weird.