Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 Things About Me

i got a "25 things about me" thing on facebook from a friend and it was soo good! it will def be hard to follow, but here goes are 25 things about me...

1. i am hair phobic. this wasnt always the case though..i used to be kind of obsessed with hair (something most ppl dont know!). i used to draw my mom pictures of hairy body parts (ears, noses, etc) and i even wrote a story called "why is the hairy man so hairy" and at the end of the story it revealed i was his wife and "loved his hairiness"...why was i not in therapy??
2. going along with #1, one time i had a tiny hair in the screen of my phone...watching me, taunting was awful. so i went to a phone store with my friend and made a big scene about the tiny hair and how i needed it out. in the end, that tiny hair remained with me for the life of my phone..eulp...
3. i am obsessed with post-its. i really dont think i could live without them!
4. i like to keep things in their original packaging. i dont know why..but its a problem, especially for space saving reasons...
5. i love the color pink, but i feel bad for the color purple so i always try to show it some love. you see, purple used to be my favorite color, but then i abandoned it for it makes sense that i feel bad, right?? ..wait..right??
6. once i accidentally applied for a job to teach sports and if you know me, you understand why this is a problem! i thought it was a parks and rec job watching wasnt! THE most awkward interview ever: "so, what sports experience do you have then?" "umm..lets see..i had a tennis lesson once" yahh..
7. i am realllyyy irritated by loud chewing and loud breathing (especially when either of them are done by my dad...sorry dad..)
8. i used to have a recurring dream that i wore my snow pants (the bib ones that are like full-body coverage!) to school but forgot to put anything on underneath! it was horrifying!
9. i had a really hard time learning to tell time slash i could not tell time for waaaay too long and even now i panic a little tiny bit that someone will ask me the time when im wearing a watch!
10. three things really make my head hurt: death, energy, the internet...i try not to think about these things.
11. i love abbrevs...i use them alll the time! totes, def, ppl, jk, awk...i also love nicknames and dont like calling people by their given name..i think the two go hand in hand!
12. i love collecting things. i have collected everything from key chains to purses to dolls...i even had a "fuzzy" collection once. yeeeeep, i used to pull the fuzz off of something/everything (blankets, sweaters, whatever) and ball them up and then put them in this little container in my room...again, why was i not in therapy??
13. i am obsessed with starbucks (aka esssstarbooks)...its actually a problem that i am trying to gain control of...
14. i love yoga pants and could wear them every single day!
15. i dont like taking medicine or going to the doctor...therefore those are two things i rarely do.
16. i get a bad rap for hating animals...but really i dont hate them, im just picky about the ones i like! ie. iz, harley, daisy (whoa whoa whoa, lets not get carried away...kidding, love dais!)
17. when i get excited i tend to talk a liiiittle quickly and in a pitch that only dogs can hear...
18. i really dont like when people lean against the pole in the metro. you cant take up the whole pole people! so when i see this, i try to patrol it! i jam my hand in between their back and the pole...either forcing them to move so other ppl can hold on OR having a really uncomfortable rest of the ride...
19. i have an intense hatred for rain. i do my best to stay indoors when this annoyance occurs.
20. i am obsessed with MINNESOTA and will defend it til the end!
21. i love having a clean bedroom or a clean kitchen. i just sit back, look at it, and smile! this is something i have inherited from my mom :)
22. i love nail polish and earrings...these two things make me feel put together even when i am a total mess!
23. i once had a teacher who asked me if i was gonna "wet my pants" and who thought she was going to have to "scrape me off the ceiling" upon hearing the exciting news that a paper deadline was moved...she asked me these things in front of the whole class yet sort of whispered it in my was uncomfortable. oh morgs...
24. i am a work-a-holic...i have a problem saying no and i am always overbooked! that must be why i am always stressed! love it :)
25. i claim to be an expert on many things (fisherman, tennis player, chef, etc) reality, i am an expert on very few things.

26. HAD to add one that i we are doing 26 instead! i once lived in a TRAILER!! i still talk about my trailer park days as if i remember it...but really i was just a baby! haha...if we didnt move, things could have turned out verrrry different...

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  1. I laughed out loud reading this very accurate list and was unable to answer the phone professionally because I was laughing. I can't say why we did not put you in therapy but just imagine how many children you will be able to help as a therapist!

    ~guess who?