Wednesday, February 18, 2009


as i may have mentioned before, i am a definite coffee addict. i could drink coffee at any time of day or night in any season in any weather...aaand i pretty much do. some people drink it for the caffeine, others for the fun drinks at starbucks...i drink it for the rich, delicious, comforting flavor. having a cup in hand just makes me feel better about things! this year due to my finances ...or lack thereof...i learned how to make my own coffee...yes yes its pathetic, but i didnt know how to before! i always thought it was so mysterious and complex, buuuuut its probably the easiest thing ive ever done! so yah, i now have my own coffee pot AND i also made a new amazing discovery...flavored coffee (ok ok actually full credit goes to my mom, but whatever). i am 100% obsessed! my mom keeps me stocked with all sorts of different flavors and if i am running late, like any good addict, i still get my fix at work (they have a different flavor each day...what a fun little surprise, huh?!). buuut i have realized lately that not all flavors are as friendly and delicious as some of my favs: hazelnut or snickerdoodle...for instance, my mom bought me one at christmas that was called creme brulee...doesnt it sound like a total winner?? nooooooope...apparently steep and brew doesnt know the meaning of creme brulee! i was so excited, but when i tasted it, it was definitely a little weird! so i read the package further and it said: a mix of seasonal berries and rich caramel flavor...umm...last time i checked that is NOT what creme brulee is! it was sickening! (of course i still drank it, but i wasnt happy about it!) well today i had my second flavor let down! i went to the little coffee shop at my work and ordered my usual medium drip was only after i paid that i realized what i was paying for...cinnamon dutch apple. umm..could there be a more foul sounding flavor?? my face must have said what i was feeling because the lady next to me said...well, at least its not banana! then she walked away cackling. well, my instincts were was...slash IS (yep, still drinking it...what? i have a problem!) SO SICK. maybe i should just stick to regular for a while...

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