Tuesday, February 24, 2009

oh yahhhh!

looks like my prayers have been answered!! my birthday is coming up and i got two packages this weekend!! i LOVE getting packages and letters and really any mail at all..even if its just a bank statement or a bill, i still secretly get excited when i see my name!! anyway, i got one package from my FAM...which was full of really cute and fun stuff!!! and then i got one package from.....my spanish mama! the woman i lived with when i was in spain was practically my soulmate! haha we were SO much alike and everyone said she was just like an older version of me! crazy, talkative, workaholic...but maybe the crazy part is really what fit the best!! anyway, she sent me the sweetest package ever and answered my calls (which she could not have heard because she doesnt speak english meaning she never read this blog.....)! SHE SENT ME...are you ready??...SHE SENT ME...TWOOOO PACKAGES...of.......you guessssssed it...JAAAAAMOOON!!!!! hahahah CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT?!?! i mean, i really dont think thats legal to send jamon in the mail! i know my mom once tried to take it on a plane and got it confiscated.....haha BUT im not complaining!! haha so amazing!!! she also sent me a floral-patterned tote bag, with pajamas inside that MATCH the floral tote, with slippers that MATCH the floral tote AND the floral pjs! hahah! cant wait to wear them and eat my JAMON! jealous?!?!


  1. omg i want some!! what kind of jamon did she send??

  2. umm i think she sent jamon serrano and lomo...i need examine it more carefully!! i havent busted into it yet!!! i feel like i need to wait for a special occasion...maybe my birthday?!?!