Thursday, February 19, 2009

it must be my innocent face?

im thinking i must have an innocent looking face or something?? people seem to want to play me lately! the other day i went on the metro on my way to work (in a hurry as always) and a man was standing by the map with a distressed face trying to figure out his route, i thought. then he turned to me and said, excuse me you have 40 cents? i thought...ugh, poor guy! i hate when i dont have the change i need! sooo i dug all around in my giant bag and found 40 cents (missing my train btw) and he seemed relieved and so i was happy. i thought nothing of it until the next day as i was again rushing to get on the metro i hear a now familiar voice asking if i had 40 cents...i turned around and thought, you have got to be kidding me! i looked at him and he looked at me--with no sign of recognition and goes, i just need just forty more cents to make my trip...and i go...omg! i gave you forty cents YESTERDAY! ugh! he quickly turned around and started studying the map again and i ran for the train! omg!! he totally played me!! i felt sorry for him and made myself late to give him that fricken 40 cents! so rude!! and at least be smart about it man! i mean, if he IS going to play people...dont you think he could at least go to another metro stop?? he could start a rotation or something...seriously?? the same one? the very next day?? is he kidding me?? thats just plain lazy! then yesterday when i was walking to the metro (in the SNOW i might add) a little girl..not so little, but like middle school or early high school...approached me and asked if i knew where the metro was. i pointed in the direction i was walking and she was like OH ARE YOU GOING?? CAN I WALK WITH YOU?? i mean, what was i going to say?? we were walking in the same i couldnt really say no. but like, i am always in a hurry and i dont have time to chat it up with a new friend while im freezing cold and literally turning into snowman before her eyes. buuuut of course i said sure! so we were walking and she was chatting away about how she didnt know it was going to snow, if we were close to the metro, which bus she was planning on taking, blah blah...and just when i thought, aww what a sweet happened. she tried to PLAY me! she so innocently and sweetly threw into the dont happen to have two dollars, do you? ugh! i was like ohhhhhhhhh i see! i guess i should have seen it coming since we were literally two blocks from the metro and could probably see it from where we were standing when she asked me in the first place! haha whoops! so i was like, umm no i dont carry cash, sorry! and then she goes, oh. ok. is that the metro there? thanks...then she dashed across the street and left me in the dust! eh, at least i didnt fall for it again!! im telling must be something about my face!?

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  1. You have learned nothing from me? The cynic of all time. Remember in downtown Mpls you or Michelle or both pretended to speak in a foreign language to avoid the pan handlers?