Friday, February 6, 2009

i think i may have a problem...

ok so as ive said once or twice and ill probably say again..i love spain and speaking spanish! so sometimes when im alone and talking to myself..what?? oh stop, you do it too...anyway, sometimes when i talk to myself, i speak in spanish! also a lot of times i think things in spanish or when im speaking in english, i think about how to say it in spanish. i think its just a habit that i picked up living there, i dont know. buuuuut yesterday it became a problem! a woman came in looking for dr. x. she said, "hey do you know where dr. x is?" then i said, "oh, yes...shes in the room to the right, and dr. y is in there tambien" this was followed by a look of confusion and as i stuttered to try to explain myself...she finally just walked away. it was sooooo awkward! haha i dont know if she thought that i thought she was a spanish-speaker...or if she just thought i liked to show off my language skills by throwing in a word or two here and there. either way, it was a little uncomfortable and we havent talked about it since....


  1. Don't worry,these things also happen to me but in english. When i am in my bed before falling sleep i always think about how i would say that in english.
    That woman would think you are completely crazy. It is so funny. This happen to you because you speak spanish perfectly and you already think in my language and everybody says that this is the more important thing when you speak in other language.So, congratulations!!

  2. awww!!! CAROL!!! te echo MUCHO de menos!!! MIL besitos :)