Tuesday, February 10, 2009


ok, i am normally not a movie buff (as most of you know). i always misquote movies and my favs include things like mean girls, baby boom, and the three ninjas...so yah...buuut this year i have become weirdly obsessed with seeing movies!! on my day off (i dont work mondays) i like to go see a movie..YES, by MYSELF!! soo unlike me, i know!! but its actually really nice :) anyway, ive been slowly but surely making my way through the oscar nominees/this years biggest movies! so far ive seen: doubt, slumdog millionaire, revolutionary road, the reader, milk, gran torino, and the curious case of benjamin button. i dont usually go to the movies this much and i rarely have seen any oscar picks at all, but this year...they are all so good!! i think im addicted! there are two movies that stand out above the rest: SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE and GRAN TORINO!! they were both movies that i was least excited about (well beside the wrestler, but please...) but they turned out to be SO good!! if you havent seen them, i totally recommend it! also, if you have any must-sees for me...i would love suggestions :)


  1. i have a nephew named anfernee, and i know how mad he gets when i call him anthony... almost as mad as i get when i think about the fact that my sister named him anfernee.

  2. so weird, but i used to do that in paris too!! go to random movies in the middle of the day by myself i mean. almost everyone had classes in the morning but mine didnt start til 4 and there is a theater on every corner practially! it was awesome. i still have to see a bunch of those...