Tuesday, February 17, 2009

im really good with languages!

when i was in spain last year, i took a trip with my girlfriends to granada. as we were riding the bus to get to the hostel, i was busy eavesdropping on a convo in front of us. then all of a sudden i was like, wait..they arent speaking english...they're speaking...flemish! and i was seriously following their conversation like i was a part of it. weird, but true...just ask my friends! so, i guess i understand flemish! then later that year i went to portugal with my sister and a lady on the metro asked me a question, in portuguese, obvi...AND AGAIN..i understood AND answered her! haha! so looks like i ALSO understand portuguese! well the other day, my language skills struck again. i went to the gym (yep, joined a gym! so fun and you get 4 free personal training sessions and a maintenance one once a month! good deal, right??) anyway, so i was going to meet my personal trainer, but he always wants me to warm up first with like ten mins of cardio. so i went into the cardio part of the gym and thought i would try the elliptical...which i usually dont do because 1. i dont like it and 2. it hurts my knee sometimes (side note-bad knee from kickboxing jic you dont know) but i thought id try it! well, two mins on the ellip and i realized..no. so i got off and got on the bike instead. then after one minute, i was bored and wanted a magazine. so i got off AGAIN...and i swear people were watching me getting on and off every other second! so i quickly grabbed a mag and got back on the bike. as i was biking and reading away, i suddenly noticed that i had grabbed vanity fair in...GERMAN! i have no idea why that was on the rack in the first place..but i felt too awkward getting up again to switch it after i had already been playing musical chairs! so i decided to just read it! ok, so i know i only know a few words in german... good morning, good night, child, and grandmother, but i seriously think i read the magazine! also..i realized im a really fast reader in german! i got through like half the magazine in TEN MINUTES! amazing, right?? so i guess i can add german to my growing list of languages! what can i say?? some people are just gifted i guess...

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