Tuesday, February 24, 2009

some people just dont know!

some people just dont know what they are allowed to say and what they should never say! ok, so most people have down that they arent allowed to ask if someone is pregnant or to ask when they are due until they are literally about to pop...and even then you should proceed with caution, because then what if they already had the baby?! its just a mistake that you def dont want to make! most people also know not to ask a woman about her age...although i dont know why and i dont think i will ever find this offensive!? but there are other things that people seem to be forgetting are on the "off limits" list. today, for example, one of my coworkers came into my office asking about something and asked how last week was (because i took on an extra job for the past couple of weeks)....i said, it was good, but a little exhausting and she goes..."YAH, YOU DO LOOK TIRED!" then she smiled and walked away. umm...excuse me?? that is not something you can casually say, like "oh do you have a stapler? you look like crap by the way! bye :)" even if i am sleeping under my desk, you still dont say it!! its just not nice! i mean, its true..i might be a TAD tired today...but i also didnt have time to put on mascara this morning and so i look a little different, ok..back off! then i was just in the elevator and some guy was like, hey, how are you. i said, i was fine but a little tired...ok, its just a standard small-talk answer that most people use after lunch for goodness sake..it doesnt invite a quick critique of how i look!! he apparently did not know that and so he looks me up and down and goes, "i know. i can tell by your face." haha omg! so rude!! what am i supposed to say to that btw?? aww, thanks!! so sweet!! and just in case you are one of these people...the same thing goes for when someone looks sick! i was really sick about a month ago and people would come into my office and take one look at me and shout YOU LOOK AWFUL...WHOA, ARE YOU SICK!?!? and stare with a horrified expression. that is just something no sick person needs to hear! so remember people, sometimes people are tired and sometimes people get sick...but there is really no need to comment!!


  1. I was once asked if I was expecting as I sat down for a job interview. So...through my interview, I was more concerned about which gym I was going to join than whether or not I was going to get the job. I had just graduated from college and, well, i drank beer 5 nights a week for 4 years straight and put on a little weight which happens to go straight to my stomach ok? back off! and what makes it even worse was that she didn't even apologize after I very politely...while crying inside...was like no, no i'm not expecting...she just goes, oh i was gonna say, why you would want this job if you were pregnant? and i just sat there thinking, but i'm NOT...why are we still talking about this??? and so i just had to do the courtesy laugh and once again, be like ha ha nope not pregnant and now that i have no self-esteem, can we get on with the interview...

  2. hahahah! OMG haha LOVE that you posted as anonymous...your secrets safe with me!! haha LOVE YOU! xoxo