Monday, February 2, 2009


so i just went upstairs to get the mail and had an interesting trip! i get into the elevator and a man is in there. he looks at me and goes, "you've always got somethin fly on" i didnt get what he said...because i thought he said i said what and he repeated...haha then i just laughed and said thank you. then he looked at my whole outfit again top to bottom and he goes, "we got the sex and the city girl up in here...always with the fly clothes" hahah i laughed again and said, well..i try! and he goes.."you shooore do and it works" hahaha! then i go into the office where i have to get mail and this friendly doctor that i know looks up and was like..."heyyy how ya doin?! hey..well look at you. you look. thats a nice little winter ensemble you have goin on there. you have it all going on. yes, yes, you look very nice. i like that." hahah! so random! might i also add that i look AWFUL clothes may be cute (grey uggs, jean skirt, black t-shirt, open over-sized grey sweater), but i have NO make-up on at all and i didnt even blow dry my hair, so its weirdly wavy/curly/really not cute! anyway, then i am on my way back downstairs and i see a gang of the spanish-speakers (side note: im obsessed with spanish and everyone who speaks spanish here knows it and i talk to all of them...they are always together and no, they are not actually a gang...) getting into the elevator...they go ARE YOU GOING DOWN?!?! (in spanish, obvi) so i ran to catch up with them and we have the conversation that we have every single time...them: hola me: hola, que tal? them: como estas (they never answer my que tal the first time..ever) me: muy bien, gracias...y tu, que tal? them: bien, trabajando....then something of the quieter guys suddenly shouts out.......BIEN...CIEN POR CIENNNNNNNNN!!!!! arms raised in the air, pumping his fists...haha sooo weird! i just laughed and said bien! haha! guess he either had a really good weekend or he just loves mondays?! anyway, that was by far the weirdest mail run i have ever taken...


  1. stop making me laugh at work!!!

    love u xoxo

  2. wonder what they'd say if they saw you in your yoga pants ensemble...