Tuesday, February 10, 2009


OH MY GOD. THERE IS A MOUSE IN MY OFFICE. i was just sitting here drinking my coffee, minding my own business when all of a SUDDEN...something FAST and SMALL ran into my office!! AT FIRST i thought it was a bug...like a cockroach (because im really scared of them and i keep thinking i see them) but then i saw....A TAIL! AHHHHHHHHHHHH OMG!!! EW!! it is SO SO SICK. im DYING. i immediately called environmental services (ok after i called my mom and screamed for a little bit) and she said that the exterminator was here YESTERDAY...so she can TRY to get him back for an emergency...but it might be TOMORROW!!! OMG TOMORROW?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME LADY?? OMG, WAIT, IS IT ON ME!??!?! seriously...i think i just felt it on me. and i think i can hear it talking too. omg. my feet are on my chair. my eyes keep darting all over my office trying to spot it before it attacks me. wait..i think mice climb and im like really concerned its going to climb onto my desk and try to jump on my face. OMG. HOW WILL I MAKE IT THROUGH TEN MORE HOURS OF THIS?!?!?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! its literally sick...it was dark grey...and looked kind of...eulp..slick...ew. and it was running all over like crazy. i think it smells my fear....

here is some advice i got from a friend:

friend: QUICK, PUT A PIECE OF UR LUNCH on the ground
me: omg NO..im not going to make it my PET!

friend: well then u can catch it
me: WITH MY HANDS?!?!!
friend: get a tissue
me: hahah A TISSUE?!?? are you kidding me hahahah! i can barely kill a tiny spider with a tissue!


*UPDATE* i never saw the mouse again after that day...but TODAY (2-18) the exterminator FINALLY came...are you kidding me exterminator?? 7 days later..wow! anyway, he put down traps...but i really hope little fivel has left the building!!! i really do not want to see any dead mickeys :)


  1. You get some sticky mouse traps, catch it, put a bag over it, get it in the bag, and then go beat it on the side of a trailer. That is how it was done in Pierz, MN by your dear old dad!

  2. omg! thats horrifying!! great..now i want to save it!!

  3. hahaha i love it! here's another option...someone on my team told me he just stomps on them. they are quick little suckers so I guess you have to have good reflexes for that one! and maybe a strong stomach too...

  4. Love the pic of mickey! Here's what to do...get a cage...some shavings...a lil cheese..and a wheel...and yours all set!