Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the addiction

as you all know, i have a little teeny tiny itsy bitsy, barely-there, may not even need to mention it sort of kind of addiction to...starbucks, specifically, non-fat lattes. ok, fine its a little bigger than teeny tiny, but whatever! anyway, ive really been trying to get control over it recently..both because my card is running out of funds and because lets face it, i have a problem! so i was all excited yesterday when i didnt have time for starbucks, forcing me not to get it. i called my mom and was like...omg i havent had starbucks in SO long!! i think its been over a week!!! and my mom goes...wow, great! yeah...wait...not since last friday when you got a latte and a chocolate donut? ugh. she had to go there, didnt she?? not only did she burst my bubble and remind me that it had only been like four days since my last starbucks fix...but she also had to bring up the fact that not only did i get my normal non-fat latte but also secretly (key word) got a chocolate donut too!! thats my shameful secret mom!! you dont bring it up! haha so sad!! i was SO excited about my progress with staying away from starbucks that i totally forgot not only am i making NO progress at all but i also forgot about my little donut treat last friday! AWKWARDDDD! looks like my little issue isnt going anywhere...so my new problem is my lack of funds...donations are welcome...

PS OMG HOW AMAZING DOES THAT LATTE LOOK!?!? dont you just want to go out and get one like RIGHT NOW!!! (no? just me??) also: you should totally drink lattes and other starbucks drinks from REAL glasses if you are drinking in...for one, it tastes and looks so much better and two, why waste a cup?! sorry..just a little public service announcement :) xoxo

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