Tuesday, June 16, 2009

near death experience

i had a near death experience today when i tried to take my vitamin. i am new to the whole vitamin taking...just started last week. weeeelll see where it gets you...almost dead, thats where! heres the story: i got into the office this am and remembered that i needed to take my vitamin. i looked to my water bottle, which had a teeny tiny little sipling of old water in it from last week...ew, i know...anyway, i foolishly thought that would be enough to take the monster vitamin (novice mistake). so i popped the little bugger and drank the one drop of water that was left and then noticed (too late, i might add) that it was, in fact, not enough! that is when the choking ensued. i need to add that i work in the basement and there is NO ONE else here on tuesdays, except my intern...who was not here so there was no one around to even hear me let alone save me. so i sort of started to panic and cough a little. i thought....1. uh oh, not good--cant breath 2. should i try to vom it back up?! 3. or should i try to force it down?! 4. OMG IM CHOKING AND ALONE!! MAYDAY MAYDAY...so i grabbed my coffee (hot=bad choice, but only option) and forced it down! luckily i recovered and didnt die. whew! what a way to start the day!!

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