Thursday, June 25, 2009

fat girl moment

so i had another one of my famous fat girl moments the other day that i wanted to share. i finished cooking dinner the other night and got it all served up, cooking dishes cleaned (yeah, i have issues...cant eat until i do the dishes first...weird, but true), everything set. i brought my plate to the table (no, i dont eat at a nice dinner table, i eat at a table in the living room in front of the tv, watching my soap or SYTYCD at the moment...typical american, sad, i know!) and set it down. then i noticed that there was a bit of my delicious meal on my what did i do?!? did i learn my lesson from my past experiences/bad decisions?? nooooope... i licked that finger because why?? im greedy?? i couldnt let a morsel of food go to waste?? i didnt have a napkin?? for whatever reason..i admit it, i did it. i licked my finger...again. and guess what?? i got what was coming to me: IT WAS DISH SOAP!!!!!!! AHHHH!! SICK! when will i ever learn!?!? if super glue didnt teach me a lesson...maybe dish soap will?? it was not ok! never again...hopefully....


  1. I just thought I would share a fat girl moment of my own. I was on the road for work and I didn't eat lunch before I left and as much as I hate stopping to get food, I was going to be on the road a long time before I made it home and I had no choice. So, I was passing through a town with about 2 choices of where to eat and figured I'd just stop at Subway. Now, everytime I have to eat in the car while I'm driving, I feel like a fatty...but usually I'll get my food and wait until I stop or something. But, I was too hungry this time so I tore into my sub before I even left the parking lot and then was eating while hand on the steering wheel, one around my sub. I couldn't get the paper folded down fast enough and there were ingredients falling all over...lettuce on my steering wheel, crumbs on my, I didn't eat glue or dish soap or anything, but it was definitely a fat girl moment...

  2. hahahah! hey! at least im not alone!! girls with fat girl moments unite! haha! LOVE YOU!