Tuesday, June 2, 2009

force feeding

while some are put off by the idea of force feeding, its something that i regularly practice and i see great results. take soy yogurt, for example. when i bought soy yogurt for the first time last week i zipped right past all the flavored varieties (fruit, chocolate, coconut, etc) and went straight for the plain. that might sound strange, but i like plain nonfat yogurt and eat it regularly without honey or fruit added in...(even when others turn up their nose at my sour treat) so i thought it would be about the same. wellll boy was i WRONG! i opened up the yogurt last week in my office and i have to tell you, i was a little nervous. it smelled differently than yogurt and it had a yellowy tint that was not too appealing. but i forged forward thinking i would surely love this plain yogurt alternative! first bite-gagged. second bite-gagged again and could barely swallow. the sour taste that i normally enjoy in plain yogurt is NOTHING compared to how sour this stuff is! yowza! but someway somehow through some force feeding techniques i have mastered throughout the years, i got that soy yogurt down. ohhh i forgot to mention one thing--instead of being a normal person and only buying an individual serving, i was so cocky that i would love it that i bought a giant container! stupid stupid. anyway, the next day i came armed with a little cereal square (wheatabix) to crush into it to help with the nasty taste. (i had discussed my hatred for my new snack with a few ppl who suggested fruit mixed in..but the only thing i have is blueberries, which i have to force down as is...so thats a no go for now). anyway, the cereal masked the taste a bit, but it was still SO SOUR that i could barely swallow it. eulp. sorry, flashback. sooo the next day i stopped at starbucks for a latte and saw honey packets...so i grabbed a honey packet and added that to the mix. with part of the honey packet (no, i dont like honey either..ew..) and the cereal mixed in..it was much more tolerable. i ate it with only mild disgust and no gagging. whew. well today im back at it and i MUST tell you: yet again, my force feeding paid off!! today i ate that plain soy yogurt with a cereal square crunched in it and no honey and....i actually liked it! haha! and that my friends, is why i advocate forcing things down until you get over your hatred and start to "enjoy" it!! happy eating!

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